Advantages of LiSWT
Therapies without medication or surgery
No anesthesia required
Short treatment session
No side effects

LiSWT (Low-intensity shockwave therapy) has been proven safe and effective in a number of conditions. In Urology, it can effectively treat such conditions as erectile dysfunction, painful Peyronie’s disease, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). Insurance companies, including Medicare, do not currently cover this treatment.

Mechanism of action

The effectiveness of this modern shockwave equipment is determined by the individually selectable, dynamic and powerful energy range, and the therapeutic energy range that can be chosen. Deep-lying areas can be treated easily. With its large focal zone, it is easy to access these areas with a high degree of accuracy. These technical features also demonstrate the superiority of the treatment in comparison with other LiSWT machines. Due to the depth of the shockwave, both sides of the penis can be treated.

Therapy Procedure

The procedure takes 10-15 minutes. The treatment area will be covered to ensure good shock wave transmission. The energy is applied at your personal comfort level. The treatment should be painless, but if any discomfort is felt our assistant can reduce the energy level to ease the discomfort.

Urologic Indications for LiSWT

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): If erectile dysfunction is caused by poor arterial blood flow (the most common cause in older men), LiSWT has been proven to increase penile blood flow, improve erections, and improve sexual symptoms.

Chronic pelvic pain (CPPS): While the cause of CPPS is unknown, studies have shown significant improvement in pain and urinary symptoms following LiSWT therapy. In studies, 60-70% of men had significant improvement in symptoms which was durable for at least a year.

Painful Peyronie’s plaque/Peyronie’s disease curvature: LiSWT has been shown to improve blood flow, decrease pain and lessen the degree of penile curvature in some men.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance does the patient need to take Cialis, Viagra, or Trimixprior to low-intensity shockwave therapy?
Patients should consume oral medication 1-2 hours prior to treatment. There is no need for Trimix in most patients.

How fast can the patient expect to see results?
Most patients see improvements with the first 3-4 treatments. It is rare that a patient does not notice a change.

How does low-intensity shockwave therapy help diabetic patients?
Diabetic men have impotence due to the formation of fatty acids in arteries that disrupt blood flow to the penis. This is also known as “Arteriogenic Impotence”. The LiSWT treatment can break up fatty acids that disturb and reduce blood flow.

How long does the treatment take? How many treatments will I need?
On average, the duration and number of treatment sessions necessary (depending on the indication) are 4-6 applied weekly. The treatment itself lasts only a few minutes.

What side effects may occur?
The LiSWT is pain-free. No anesthesia is required. No severe long-term side effects have been reported over years of clinical trials.

The information provided here does not replace the personal advice provided by your medical professional, nor represents a treatment recommendation. Your Doctor/Urologist may inform you whether your specific problem is suitable for LiSWT.