I made the right choice

Messina“Doctors, Doctors, Doctors! How do you pick the right doctor when you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I met Dr. Ball and Dr. Van Appledorn when they were treating my mother-in-law. For 30 years, I owned a medical supply business in Ft. Lauderdale. We sold equipment to doctors and hospitals. So why did I pick these doctors? I think with my experience, I knew doctors who truly cared about their patients and were interested in the latest medical technology and were not stuck using the same procedures on all their patients. I knew what treatment methods were available, and I wanted the da Vinci operating procedure even before I saw Dr. Ball. I checked out both doctors, their credentials, and the da Vinci procedure.

I made the right choice and highly recommend Dr. Ball and Dr. Van Appledorn.”

– Frank J. Messina, C. O. C. Ped.


  • "I am able to go on with my life knowing that Dr. Ball will be there if I need him."

    – Mr. Bruce Shaffner

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  • " I was amazed by the procedure, at how little pain I had and how quickly I recovered."

    – Edward Marrone

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  • "I am grateful to Dr. Ball, who gave me top of the line care."

    – John F. Jolley

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  • "The surgery was a huge success."

    – Clarence Clarke

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  • "Dr. Ball is well-educated, experienced, patient friendly, and a truly professional surgeon."

    – Ronald E. Yeaw